Mission Statement

At Friends’ School, we seek to provide:

"An environment in which pupils, staff and parents are committed to the idea of excellence within a caring, supportive community."


The School owes its continuity and stability to its foundation under the initiative of the Religious Society of Friends. The present aims are in sympathy with the general principles of the society which: -

  1. value individuals as of equal standing before God;
  2. accept the indivisibility of the sacred and secular aspects of life;
  3. encourage the development of a sense of social awareness through service.


To fulfil the Mission Statement the following aims have been established:

  1. to enable all pupils to develop their academic potential and interests to the fullest extent;
  1. to provide a broad and balanced curriculum relevant to the needs of our pupils;
  1. to foster the self-esteem of pupils and staff;  
  1. to encourage the moral and spiritual development of our pupils;
  1. to establish a partnership between the School, the parents and the local community;
  2. to prepare pupils for adult life.